Penultimate stage in Rwanda sees TNN rally with the finish in sight

26 February 2022

David Lozano:

“Today my legs felt better than the earlier stages and after yesterday’s strong finish I actually felt really positive at the start, but I had some difficulty breathing and found it hard to push through the limit so to speak and that restricted me a bit today.”

Lucas Dauge:

“It started really fast again today and once the break went it was down to the leader’s teams to control the race, but it didn’t slow down all that much, and we were in the main bunch for most of the day until we hit the last descent. That was super-fast, and we lost some positions there and tried to move back up on the last climb.”

“The last kilometer was very hard, gradients over 14% and after a week of hard racing you really feel it in your legs. But David was strong again today, no matter what he says, and was able to stay near the front and get a pretty good result. One more day to go.”

Sport director Gennady Mikhaylov:“We’re pleased to have come through today, after Umberto had difficulties yesterday and we were down to three, I was sceptical about how another tough climbing day would take its toll. But the guys rallied and even though we didn’t have as a positive a result as on stage 6, David still managed to finish top 30 and not too far away from the leading group.”

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