27 Jun 2021 -

TEAM Pro Team



Circuits of attrition take their toll at GP Citta di Lugano

Head Sports Director Massimo Podenzana:

“It was great for us to come back to GP Lugano, it’s still a hard race! But one that we enjoy taking part in and for the guys who haven’t raced here before, it’s been a good experience for them.”

“We knew how it was going to go, so there are no surprises with how it unfolded. The bunch never makes it to the finish here intact and historically David has always been our strongest performer here, and he showed that again today. Less than half the field finishes this race, so David did really well.”

David Lozano:

“I remember a lot from this race, especially how hard the circuits are! After a while, you really start to feel the course in your legs and I just tried to stay up there as long as possible and follow the main protagonists.”

“Even when the break went away, the pace didn’t really let up because the peloton didn’t want to let the gap go out much further than a minute and on the descent everyone was going full gas trying to get back in.

“With two laps to go I started to cramp really badly and then I made the mistake of drinking a bit too much, but I got through it and it’s a really good feeling to have finished.”