Belgrade Banjaluka

13 Apr - 17 Apr 2022

TEAM Development Team


TEAM Development Team STAGES 5

Devo guys took part in prologue of Belgrade Banjaluka

First day in Serbia was a very straightforward TTT prologue. Distance of 4 km with a flat course and two 180 degree turns.

Daniel Holt, Development Team General Manager (USA):

I was very proud of how the guys rode. 14th is a great place with such a big competition.

Second day at Belgrade Banjaluka

Daniel Holt, Development Team General Manager (USA):

The team plan was to be represented in the early break away, with hopes of getting the KOM or Sprint jersey. Then keep position for the possible crosswind and try to set up Celestin for the likely sprint finish.
The race was really fast from the start and no break away was ever established. Unfortunately, there was some surprise gravel construction in the last 30km of the race and it was stopped, allowing all the teams to be fresh for the finish

Declan Irvine (AUS):

“It was a great start to the Belgrade Banja Luka for the team. It was an incredibly fast and nervous day with the average speed being 50kph, I knew the finishing circuits from last year so I knew how to ride the circuit and be in the front. In the end I didn’t quite have the legs to be fighting for the win but hopefully we have more luck in the next stages”

Breakaway at Belgrade Banjaluka

Daniel Holt, Development Team General Manager (USA):

Awesome ride by Justin today. He made the break of the day and did a good job of managing his effort there.

Justin McQuerry (USA):

I came to this race eager to capitalize on every opportunity possible, and that opportunity was in the breakaway today. Our 5 man move that spent a majority of the race out front was caught by the lead group just at the top of the first KOM, but I was able to hold on to the very select 50 man bunch to the final climb. No legs left when the pace lifted in the last 10km, but I am very excited knowing I was able to help show what is possible with diabetes by keeping the TNN jersey out front for most of the day!

Stage 4 at Belgrade Banjaluka

Daniel Holt, Development Team General Manager (USA):

I thought the stage would be harder than it was. Slight crosswind all day with lumpy hills and a lot of disorganization in the group. I told the guys to be attentive for the first 70km, then more aggressive about following moves after that. Then work for Celestin in the sprint.
The leader’s team was able to control all day pretty easily, with no chance for a break away.

Good job by Celestin to get 25th today. He lost some positions in the last 1km. He’s getting better.

Devo's leave Belgrade Banjaluka with lessons learned & experience gained

Daniel Holt, Development Team General Manager (USA):

There was going to be a lot of crosswind today, so I told the guys to be very attentive at the front during those key moments. It’s the last day of the race, so you might as well use your energy up trying to change the outcome of the race and get a result.

Justin McQuerry (USA):

Our 5 days of racing through Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina went better than our pre race expectations. A very solid TTT, a day in the break and racing for a result each and every day while riding as a cohesive unit marks a successful stage race for us (minus Sacha’s crash on stage 4). Steps in the right direction for the development team and a good boost of confidence for the boys!