28 Sep - 3 Oct 2021

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CRO-Race stage 1 unfolds over 240km and wraps with Beadle & Peron in Top 25

Sports director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“That was a very long day to start the race with, mainly flat with a third category climb in the final third and we knew that would come down to a sprint in Varaždin, so there were no real surprises.”

“The first attack formed the break and then the bunch sat up for what seemed like forever, but really it was after the climb and the break was caught with 30km to go. We stuck together today and that was great to see, Filippo had a good start and finished with his teammates in the bunch.”

“Andrea and Hamish were our standout guys, and they were so close to a higher finish, the final circuit was extremely fast, and they just slipped back into the top 25 on the last corners on the cobbles. But it was a positive start today and we will look to continue in this vein over the next stages, even if the terrain does get harder!”

Andrea Peron:

“The guys were great today, we all did our jobs well, but Hamish was right up there with me to the end and really gave me a hand with trying to hold the position. I got cut off in the last corner before the line and dabbed the breaks to avoid going down and that’s where I missed out today.

“It was very fast, but we knew that finish would be and it’s frustrating to come so close to a top ten again.”

Hamish Beadle:

“That was absolutely awesome! I would use another adjective, but I don’t want to get in to trouble. It was amazing, a real buzz and I haven’t felt that good on a bike in a long time. I know it’s going to get harder this week and we hit some pretty heavy terrain over the next few days, but I’m going to enjoy this feeling and soak it in.”

Undulating, unforgiving second stage in Croatia sees Peron up there again

Sports director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“It was a beautiful stage scenery wise today, but if you were caught at the back of the bunch, then unfortunately it became a very difficult and long day in the saddle, and we need to get better at staying together on these hard, challenging days. We lost contact on the climbs initially but then we improved.”

“After some difficulties the guys fought back on and rode solidly the rest of the stage with almost everyone finished together, in particular Andrea and Filippo up near the front. Bahrain were driving the pace throughout the second half of the stage and it ended up being another fast finish and it came around really quickly with Andrea showing his late season form with another good finish and top 20.”

David Lozano:

“I wasn’t feeling good at all at the start of the stage today, but I gradually rode my way into it and started to feel better as the day wore on. That surprised me a bit to be honest, but as the pace increased and people started to get dropped, I managed to hold on in the bunch for longer and it was really good to have Filippo up there close to Andrea in his first race with us.”

Andrea Peron:

“It was kind of like yesterday for me, but with the added pleasure of some climbs to make things a little more interesting. We briefly lost contact there and worked hard to get back in the main group alongside David and thankfully we all got there with around 30km to go.

“Man. The sprint happened literally in the blink of an eye and Filippo did a good job of trying help me into a better position, but we were muscled out of it a bit there and I think some fatigue from the chase played its part.”

Three down three to go in Croatia

Sports director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“We saw the first movements from the GC riders today, it was a regular pace until the final 20kilometers when we hit the first real climb of the race so far and then the protagonists started to show themselves and the speed increased.”

“Although we tried to keep David and Andrea up there as long as possible, the tiredness kicked in and they lost contact halfway up the ascent. The group reformed somewhat on the descent, but the rest of the peloton was split, and Andrea and Sam were the first over the line for us with David and Filippo not too far behind.”

Andrea Peron:

“I couldn’t stay with the leaders today, they set a really fast pace up the climb and that’s where we fell back. We wanted to try and work for David and maybe myself if we could hold on for the sprint, but it was too punchy, too fast and I didn’t have the legs today.”

Hamish Beadle:

“I started to get some knee pain when I raced with the devo’s in the Czech Republic earlier this month. I saw the physio when I was back home in between racing, and I was feeling a lot better. Stage one I was buzzing. Then we started going uphill and going uphill pretty fast.”

“We’re professional bike riders and we want to race, I’m no different and even though I’m getting some pain from my left knee again, I want to work for the boys and finish this race. The staff are doing a great job of supporting us every day and the swannies are really working me over every night to give me every chance to recover for the next stage. Three down. Three to go.”

Late crash takes out Peron’s chances on stage 4 in Croatia

Sports director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“Another top 20 today with Andrea and we are certainly consistent in that regard, but we were aiming higher and for the work we put in we deserved more. You can’t do anything about the crash, it happened right in front of him and he did well to stay upright.”

“The guys were positioned much better today, and this morning’s team talk obviously had some effect, but our first target was to get in the breakaway and we didn’t.”

“That needs addressing. Today was a perfect opportunity and we tried to make it into the early move, then stopped. As we stopped the right move went and we weren’t there, and we need to work on that. You should be going three or four times, all our guys apart from Andrea as the sprinter, trying to get an attack going, but we didn’t try hard enough, and we will speak about that.”

Andrea Peron:

“Man. I can’t believe it. That was the best position I’ve been in for maybe the last two seasons. I was top ten inside the last km and the third wheel went down in front of me and I had to start from scratch. I couldn’t do anything about it, and I was so frustrated when we crossed the line.”

“I want more than top 20, and we want more than that as a team. We worked better today as a unit and we were together until deeper into the stage, but we only have two more opportunities left in 2021 – tomorrow and Sunday. It’s going to be hard, especially tomorrow with the climb, but we will try to get a top ten finish before this race and our season is over.”

Queen stage all about survival for Team Novo Nordisk

Sports director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“The Queen Stage. The toughest of the race and for us it certainly played out that way. We lost contact on the first climb, made it back in and then we dropped again on the big HC category climb to Poklon.”

“From there it was about survival for us and making sure we stuck together and made it to the finish. We were part of a big group and we made it. Tomorrow is all about working for Andrea, giving him as much help as possible until the last moment and going for a result so we can end the season on a high.”

Filippo Ridolfo:

“I am really tired now. I felt good the first three stages and then yesterday I started to feel the season in my legs. Today I realized how much higher the level of this race is to what I’m used to and how happy I am to be racing here and holding my own.

“We all worked hard together today and when we regrouped after the main climb, we rode as a team to the finish. I think it’s been great to get this experience in my legs at this stage of my career and I’m looking forward to the finish in Zagreb tomorrow. We’ll give our all for Andrea tomorrow and try our best to position him at the front for the last sprint of the year.”

Season ends on a high in Croatia with Peron breaking the top ten

Sport director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“We ended on a positive note today and that’s satisfying. It was important for us to end the season in a good way and we’ve had some solid results in recent weeks with Andrea and David so to finish with top ten in eighth place on the final stage here in Zagreb is great and I’m happy with that.”

“The guys knew what was at stake today and they all worked hard for one objective and that was the sprint with Andrea and a top ten placing. To see them achieve their goal through unified and selfless teamwork definitely put smile on my face.

“Filippo has been very consistent in his first race with us and the guys have all embraced him as a teammate immediately and that bodes well for the future. It wasn’t an easy race for him to race as a stagiaire, but he has done well and quietly impressed. Now onwards to 2022, we have some work to do in the off-season, but we can now do that with some high aspirations after an affirming result to go home with.”

Andrea Peron:

“I was feeling really good today. Yesterday I tried to save some gas and take it a little bit easy and I think that paid off. It’s right at the end, but I’m back to where I used to be, in the top ten and smiling at the end of a race.”

“It’s definitely a good way to end the season and hugely important for us and our moral to get this result. This year has been so tough, and we have been banging on the door, coming close, but not quite getting there and today we managed to kick the door in and get the result we were aiming for.”

“I think we’re all tired now, but we go away happy and head into the off season ready for a break and with some things to work on as a team over the winter that will hopefully set us up for a good start in 2022.”

Filippo Ridolfo:

“It’s been a great experience racing with the professionals here at CRO-Race and even though it has been a shock to my system, I am happy that I came through and managed to finish the race and help the guys to a positive result to end the season with. The level is super high, there’s no doubt about that and having this race in my legs now will be a real benefit for me and my development.”