7 Mar 2021

TEAM Pro Team



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Lozano finds his legs in Larciano

Head Sports Director Massimo Podenzana:

“Our main objective for today was to get in the breakaway, but the situation was strange and almost hesitant, because there was a solo attack from Bodnar (Bora), and the bunch didn’t seem sure whether to let him go or not. Then they did let him go, two more attacked, made contact and that was it break of the day.”

“We needed to adapt our objectives from that point forward, so we regrouped and looked to position ourselves well for the final circuits and support David. The closing four laps here are very hard, the speed of the ascents really start to take it out of you and David did a great job to maintain contact and finish with the bunch.

“Now we look ahead to the big one, Milan – San Remo. We will have a performance camp ahead of the race and we have some work to do. We’re in a good place after these two challenging opening races and now the guys need to rest up for a day or two and then get rolling again.”

David Lozano:

“Man. That was another hard day. It was super-fast over the climbs at the end and I was at the limit to make sure I stayed in the bunch and made sure that I finished well, but we managed it and that makes me happy. It felt like overcoming an obstacle today.”

“After these two races coming close together Laigueglia and Larciano I can feel that I need a rest day, but also that there’s a difference in the legs. It feels like we’ve been racing and that some form is coming. Yeah, it’s great to get the first two races out of the way and I think it will go a long way into our preparation for Milan – San Remo.”