Istrian Spring Trophy

11 Mar - 14 Mar 2021

TEAM Development Team

CITY Porec


TEAM Development Team CITY Porec STAGES 1

Race Report Stage 1 - 4


Date: March 11, 2021

Start/Finish: Umag, Croatia

Distance: 1 km

Weather: Chilly and windy

Course: Flat out and back on a sidewalk

Riders: 174

Class: UCI 2.2

Filippo Ridolfo (ITA)

“I sprinted as long as I could, took it easy on the turn, then sprinted back. I felt good today but hoped for a better result”

Daniel Holt (USA) – Devo Team, General Manager

“I was happy to see everyone give it their best today. In road racing nobody trains for a 1km sprint, but it’s a good exercise in testing your limits, and the guys didn’t disappoint today.”

Stage 1

Date: March 12, 2021

Start/Finish: Porec, Croatia

Distance: 168 km

Weather: cold  and rain

Course: hilly, flat technical roads, 2 climbs

Riders: 172

Class: UCI 2.2

Nathan Smith (GB)

What looked like a fairly straightforward day on paper turned out to be anything but. Wet, cold conditions and some tricky descents made for a nervous peloton which resulted in quite a few crashes. We tried to stay out of trouble but unfortunately a few of us came down. We’re all hopeful tomorrow’s stage will bring us better luck.

Stage 2

Date: March 13, 2021

Race: Istrian Spring Trophy, Stage 2

Start/Finish: Motovun, Croatia

Distance: 165km

Weather: Chilly but sunny

Course: Rolling hills with 2 hard but short climbs at the end

Riders: 161

Class: UCI 2.2

Daniel Holt (USA)

“The guys were pretty beat up after yesterday, but I was happy to see them step up and grit it out today.”

Stage 3

Date: March 14, 2021

Race: Istrian Spring Trophy, Stage 3

Start/Finish: Pola , Croatia

Distance: 143km

Weather: Rain ,Cold 7 degrees

Course: Rolling hills with 3 climbs second category

Riders: 155

Class: UCI 2.2

Sergey Lagutin  – Head Coach

“Today the strategy was just to stay safe in the peloton and try the sprint with Robbe. All the riders were looking very tired but motivated. After one hour it started raining and was very windy – the temperature dropped from 11 to 7 degrees. All the riders did a very good job by finishing this race and the weather condition made this race even harder. They got this experience and I’m sure they will be better in the near future.”