11 May - 15 May 2022

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Tour de Hongrie opens with blazing sunshine and a hectic sprint

The 43rd Tour de Hongrie began with rising temperatures on stage one and Team Novo Nordisk focused on keeping tempo behind the early breakaway and the subsequent bunch sprint in downtown Szekesfehervar with Italian Andrea Peron 15th and already looking for better on tomorrow’s stage two.

Andrea Peron:

“It was a hectic sprint today, partly due to the late catch of the breakaway and, also partly due to the technical nature of the finish. There was a fair bit of road furniture to deal with and I’m relieved that there weren’t any crashes.”

“I was around 50th wheel going into the last five kilometers and actually made up a lot of ground in the run in to the finale, so to finish 15th isn’t bad. But it’s not what we came here for and we need to do better tomorrow.”

Head sports director Massimo Podenzana:

“We wanted to get either David or Peter into the breakaway today. That was our first goal. It’s important for us to be visible and for Peter in particular at his home race and we tried repeatedly over the first kilometers and coulsnt get away, but after 15 kilometers we heard on the radio that five guys went clear and we didn’t make it.”

“This needs to be corrected tomorrow, I’m pleased that the guys were trying, but we need to be up the road as many times as possible here. Andrea did well considering the complexion of the finish and he had to jump a lot of wheels to get close to the top ten.”

Kusztor king of the breakaway on stage two in Hungary

Hometown hero Peter Kusztor got his wish on today’s second stage of the Tour de
as the former Hungarian road champion attacked early to join the second and
main breakaway of the day.
Team Novo Nordisk went into the stage with a plan and despite the windy conditions
were able to execute phase one with the 37-year-old digging deep to stay out there as
long as possible. The crosswinds ended up playing their part as the chasing peloton split
in two after catching the Kusztor group with 50km to go, eventually coming back
together before the chaotic final sprint with Andrea Peron avoiding late crashes for
another top 20.

Peter Kusztor (HUN):
“The first move went early but came back within the first 20km due to the wind and I was
well positioned at the front of the peloton, so I jumped with the next attack and that move
formed the main breakaway. We were out front for around 100km before the bunch
caught us and then it all split again with fresh attacks in the crosswinds.”
“It was hard but I’m happy because I really wanted to get up the road and show the jersey
for my team and for my family and for everyone out there that lives with diabetes every
day. Yesterday we had some special visitors at that start of the stage and those kids could
be the next Team Novo Nordisk athletes, we wanted very much to show them what’s
possible with diabetes.”

Head sports director Massimo Podenzana:
“We tried repeatedly yesterday and didn’t have much success, but thankfully Peter made it
into the break today and that’s great. One job done. It’s Peter’s home race and for him and
for the team it was a goal of ours to get out there in front of the TV cameras and lead the
race for a while.”
“The final wasn’t so simple today and even though Andrea made it back into the lead
group, he was alone and spent too much energy throughout stage positioning himself so as
a consequence a top ten was just out of reach.”

Wet and filthy stage three in Hungary brings out the TNN train

The rain came down across northeastern Hungary on stage three of the Tour de Hongrie with Team Novo Nordisk shaking off the raindrops over the closing kilometers to provide sprinter Andrea Peron with an almost perfect lead out train into the final.

Almost perfect. Almost because of an untimely and unfortunate mechanical with 300m to go as Peron freewheeled to the line as the sprint unfolded around him.

Andrea Peron:

“The guys were incredible today. Truly. I don’t remember the last time we were all lined out at the front like that over the last ten kilometers. One by one the guys emptied themselves and peeled off right up to the final kilometer. I was in a great position going into the sprint and it’s just bad luck that I had a mechanical at that moment.”

“It can happen to anyone and we’re already looking ahead to tomorrow, it will be the last opportunity to try and do something in the sprint and If we ride like we did today we’ve got every chance of achieving a result.”

Head sports director Massimo Podenzana:

“We did everything right today and had some bad luck there at the end. Of course, it’s disappointing because Andrea was so well positioned and after the work the guys did bringing him to the front, he had every chance of a good result, but it happens and it’s already past.”

“Tomorrow is another chance, and it will be a longer day and hopefully in much drier conditions. We need to stay organized like we did today and collectively save our energy to work for Andrea in the final to give him the opportunity to do his sprint from the best possible position.”

Top 20 for Peron and Team Novo Nordisk in Hungary

The clouds parted and the sun reappeared for today’s fourth stage of the Tour de Hongrie as the peloton sat calmly behind the breakaway quartet over the undulating parcours before the sprint unfolded in Kazincbarcika with Andrea Peron placing in the top 20 on the slightly uphill finish.

Andrea Peron:

“It was almost too steady for the first part of today’s stage, and I found it quite hard to get going, then the pace picked up when we hit the last circuit and we managed to find our rhythm. The guys did a great job again with David and Peter with me right until the last few kilometers.”

“The approach to the finish was long and fast before a left-hand turn and a slight kick up to the line and I was slightly boxed in as we came out if the corner, so I lost a little bit of ground that I couldn’t make up. Spirits are high though and we’ve got a tough climbing day coming up tomorrow for the last stage.”

Head sports director Massimo Podenzana:

“We wanted more from the sprint stages here, we’ve not done badly, and the guys have worked very hard, but the results haven’t gone on our way. It goes like that sometimes, but we’ve done very well recently with podiums and top ten’s that we felt we could keep that run going here in Hungary.”

“That said, the guys have really impressed with the level of teamwork and support that they’ve been able to give Andrea going into the final and that has definitely been a step up for us, the organization, communication and collaboration between the guys has been great.”

Tour de Hongrie concludes with Kekesteto Queen Stage

The classic Tour de Hongrie Queen Stage closed out the 43rd edition of the race, climaxing atop the Kekesteto climb with former Hungarian national champion Peter Kusztor’s first home for Team Novo Nordisk, buoyed by the cheers of the home crowds.

Peter Kusztor:

“As always I’ve really enjoyed racing at home and showing off the Team Novo Nordisk jersey, spreading our inspirational message and hopefully showing people wants possibile with diabetes. My personal highlights were obviously getting up the road in the breakaway on stage two and also the great teamwork we showed working together to help position Andrea on the sprint stages.”

“We’ve really improved there and it’s a great feeling being on the front mixing it up with the big sprinters teams. The Queen Stage is always hard with the double ascent of Kekesteto and this time it was the final stage again so we knew all week what was coming. I tried to stay with the leaders as long as possible but I’m not a young man anymore and I don’t have the same explosiveness as before, so I need to ride my own tempo. All in all we had a good week and I’ll have a little break now before heading to altitude for a couple of weeks.”

Head sports director Massimo Podenzana:

Today wasn’t a day for us and we knew that in advance so we wanted to try one last time to get in the break again, but the move went early and we were out of position. That meant that the attention shifted to David and Peter trying to do their best to stay with the leaders on the climbs.”

“The guys have worked hard all week to try and break into the top ten and they displayed the same desire again today, but it was a step too far for us and the last time up the Kekesteto climb saw the definitive splits appear and that’s where we came unstuck. David and Peter hung on and they both did well to stay up there until the last 2km.”