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Charles Planet recaps his 2nd place finish at the prologue for the 2018 Tour de Hongrie. “I hope I showed what we can do with diabetes.”


(Photos: ©René Vigneron)

2018 Tour de Hongrie - Stage 1

Race: 2018 Tour de Hongrie

Location: Siófok / Siófok, Hungary

Distance: 3.5 kilometers

Siófok, HUNGARY Team Novo Nordisk earned its first podium in a time trial when Frenchman Charles Planet finished second on the Tour de Hongrie prologue.

“This was a great day for the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team. Not only did Charles put in a fantastic performance in the opening prologue, but we had many local kids with diabetes visit us in Siófok to cheer on the entire squad,” Team Novo Nordisk General Manager Vassili Davidenko said. “This support motivates and drives us every day, and it’s extra special when it comes together at a race like the Tour de Hongrie.”

Planet set a fast early time on Tuesday’s 4-kilometer prologue, and only Patrick Schelling (Team Vorarlberg Santic) was able to beat him. The Swiss rider finished one second ahead of Planet.

The world’s first all-diabetes pro cycling team continues racing at the six-day Tour de Hongrie on Wednesday where Planet will wear the green points leader jersey. Stage 1 starts in Balatonalmádiand includes five categorized climbs and two intermediate sprints before finishing in Keszthely.

Charles Planet:

“It was a very technical course today with lots of turns and corners. I like this kind of course because I am an explosive rider and this kind of effort is something I learned to love in mountain biking. It was a good circuit for me and I gave it my best with no mistakes.”



1st: Patrick Schelling (Team Vorarlberg Santic): 4:32

2nd: Charles Planet: 0:01 behind Schelling

3rd: Manuel Belletti (Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec): ”

(Photos: ©René Vigneron)



Chris Williams breaks down stage 1 of the 2018 Tour de Hongrie, where teammate Charles Planet finished 9th. “It was a lot of fighting today. We were going toe-to-toe with other teams near the front.”


(Photos: ©René Vigneron)

2018 Tour de Hongrie - Stage 2

Race: 2018 Tour de Hongrie, stage 1

Location: Balatonalmádi / Keszthely, Hungary

Distance: 154 kilometers

Keszthely, HUNGARY – Charles Planet finished 9th on Wednesday in stage one at the Tour de Hongrie. The French rider finished in the same time as the leaders on a hilly course along the north shore of Hungary’s Lake Balaton, but slipped to third overall as time bonuses gave the stage winner a 10-second advantage in the week-long race.

Planet used his teammates in the first two hours of racing to protect and guide him at the front of the 128-man peloton, with constant jockeying for position in an aggressive group on sometimes narrow roads.

The peloton entered the final 25-km circuit through the tourist town of Keszthely all together, but split up as rival teams sought to break the pack down to just a handful of contenders at the front. Planet made the crucial selection on the steep climb in Rezi, and then played a smart hand to finish well on the technical and cobblestone finish in front of large crowds.

Planet is now third overall, with stage winner Manuel Belletti of Italy jumping to the yellow leader’s jersey with nine seconds over Switzerland’s Patrick Schelling and 10 seconds ahead of Planet.

The 2018 Tour de Hongrie continues on Thursday with another hilly stage near Lake Balaton, but at 190km, figures to be at least one hour longer than Wednesday’s 154km opening road stage.

Charles Planet:

“We knew the race would break up, and it was important to be at the front every time we did the climb. Thanks to my teammates I had a very good position and a lot of strength left for the finish. In the last kilometers I could follow the sprint teams and I’m happy to keep the high General Classification after a hard stage.”

Vassili Davidenko:

“This is aggressive and tough racing here, and nobody in the peloton is going to give up their position at the front. Our guys did a good job for Charles and put him; in the right place when it was time to go. We have more stages ahead, and the teamwork is looking strong.”



1st: Manuel Belletti (Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec): 3:36:18

2nd: Matteo Moschetti (Polartec-Kometa): same time as Belletti

3rd: MALECKI Kamil Malecki (CCC Sprandi Polkowice): ”

9th: Charles Planet: “

(Photos: ©René Vigneron)


Sam Brand breaks down stage 3 of the 2018 Tour de Hongrie, a hot 206-km trek from Cegléd to Hajdúszoboszló.

2018 Tour de Hongrie - Stage 3

Race: 2018 Tour de Hongrie, stage 2

Location: Velence / Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Distance: 190 kilometers

SZEKESFEHERVAR, HUNGARY – Hot weather dominated the peloton on Thursday at stage 2 of the Tour de Hongrie, and Team Novo Nordisk rose to beat it down during the 190km second stage from Velence to Szekesfehervar.

Time and time again teammates from the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team raced back to the team car to pick up bottles of water, Nuun and food for each other, spending their energy to keep Charles Planet safe at the front in third overall.

Efforts were rewarded when Planet struck out for a bonus second in the first intermediate sprint of the day, gaining an advantage that kept him steady in the General Classification while all around him rival teams sought the same.

With the temperature steady at 30ºC/86ºF under a cloudless sky and boiling sun, Planet kept his cool over more than four hours of racing, finishing at the front in a mass sprint and retaining his third place with three more days to go.

Teammate Andrea Peron finished seventh on the day, Planet was just behind him in 11th. Italian Matteo Moschetti won the stage, moving into second overall with a 10-second time bonus, while his countryman Manuel Belletti held on to the leader’s yellow jersey. Planet is now 13 seconds off the lead, and has a two second advantage over fourth.

The Tour de Hongrie continues on Friday with a flat sprint stage from Cegled to Hajduszoboszlo, at 206km the longest day expected at the 2018 Tour de Hongrie. Temperatures are rising and the wind is flat and listless, and with a General Classification separated by mere seconds, likely another tough day on the road.

Andrea Peron:

“12 bottles for me today, and when it’s this hot I prefer water to be able to stay at the front and keep my focus. Charles and I were protected by the team all day, and we need it because it’s a tough fight in this race.”

Vassili Davidenko:

“We put the team to work today, and we emptied two full coolers of bottles to keep them hydrated and cool. The race is full of tactical decisions, and the peloton is strong and evenly matched. For Andrea in the sprints and Charles in the GC we have a strong squad at the Tour de Hongrie.”



1st: Matteo Moschetti (Polartec-Kometa): 4:14:07

2nd: Attilio Viviani (Sangemini – MG.Kvis): same time as Moschetti

3rd: Manuel Belletti (Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec): ”

7th: Andrea Peron: “

(Photos: ©René Vigneron)


(Photos: ©René Vigneron)

2018 Tour de Hongrie - Stage 4

Race: 2018 Tour de Hongrie, Stage 4

Location: Karcag / Miskolc, Hungary

Distance: 182 kilometers

MISKOLC, HUNGARY – Saturday’s Queen Stage at the 2019 Tour de Hongrie put Team Novo Nordisk to the test with a hot, fast chase across the Tisa river from Karcag to the bustling regional capital of Miskolc.

After a quick blast through the city, Charles Planet rode at the front of a full peloton into the 30km of hills that soon divided the race’s 124 riders into more than half a dozen groups that gradually widened on the blind curves shaded by acres of forest.

When the riders emerged into the streets of Mikolc for the final sprint, Planet was in the third split, chasing hard. The French rider led his gruppetto of 14 riders across the line. The gap to first was too large to keep his podium chances alive, but the fighting spirit was no less great.

The Tour de Hongrie concludes on Sunday with a stage from Karcag to Miskolc, and a mostly flat day until the final 35km, with a first category climb that will test the peloton’s tired legs and likely decide the bike race before a fast rush downhill to a flat finish.

Charles Planet:

 “I did my best, there’s no doubt, and I kept my pace on the climb and could see the leaders to the top. On the descent those at the front with teammates had a natural advantage, and in my group it was pirates with long knives. That’s cycling and I did what I could to respect the work of my teammates to get me across the river..”

Vassili Davidenko:

“Cycling is difficult. If it was easy, it wouldn’t have as much drama or excitement. Charles experienced a great range of emotions today, and managed the pressure with excellent professionalism. He fought all week in tiny skirmishes to keep his podium spot, and this was an epic stage for him. We’re proud of how hard he pushed himself, and it is days like today that we can look back on from future victories as the spark that set the flame.”




1st: HOLLER Nikodemus Holler (Bike Aid): 4:08:44

2nd: Manuel Belletti (Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec): same time as Holler

3rd: MAŁECKI Kamil Malecki (CCC Sprandi Polkowice): ”

29th: Charles Planet: 4:06 behind Holler

(Photos: ©René Vigneron)


Fabio Calabria breaks down the final stage of the 2018 Tour de Hongrie. “This week the whole team came together to work for each other and keep our podium chances alive.”


(Photos: ©René Vigneron)

2018 Tour de Hongrie - Stage 5

Race: 2018 Tour de Hongrie, Stage 5

Location: Kazincbarcika / Kazincbarcika, Hungary

Distance: 128 kilometers

KAZINCBARCIKA, HUNGARY – The midsummer pause in June and July paid off for Team Novo Nordisk in August, with strong results coming in Denmark, Rwanda and Hungary for the world’s first all-diabetes pro cycling team.

On Sunday in the final stage of the Tour de Hongrie, Charles Planet again leapt out into a late breakaway to take advantage of his sharpened fitness in front of large crowds in the northeastern Hungarian city of Kazincbarcic.

Following a successful week that saw the French rider battling for a podium spot and teammates gathering at the front of the race to pace, block and feed for their leader, the final day came down to another mass sprint, with fellow countryman Mehdi Benhamouda launching his sprint on a crash-marred finale for 11th on the day.

With good results now behind them, Team Novo Nordisk will next turn to Asia and a block of racing no less challenging as they take on nearly three weeks of competition at the Tour of China 1 and 2 in September, with squads then switching out for through the Tour of Hainan and Tour of Taihu in October before the now traditional season ending Japan Cup.

Team Novo Nordisk will race next on 9 September at the Tour of China 1. The world’s first all-diabetes pro cycling team’s final 2018 race in Europe will be in Germany on 3 October at Sparkassen Munsterland.

Fabio Calabria

“A midsummer pause can be disastrous if not managed well, and it’s not hard to lose race fitness. But the opposite is also true, and the rest gave us all the chance to go home, recover from a busy first half of the year. Charles had the Fighter’s Jersey in Denmark, David Lozano won a stage in Rwanda, and this week in Hungary the whole team came together to work for each other and keep our podium chances alive.”

Charles Planet:

“‘Always fight and never give up’ is my philosophy of cycling. After yesterday’s super bad day, I tried to win today’s final stage by attacking with 20km to go. I got caught inside 3km to go. One day it will pay off- I will just keep fighting and keep working hard.”

Vassili Davidenko:

“Progress in cycling comes with hard work. We’ve seen the results this month that show us how hard our guys are training at home and how much those efforts are paying off. But it is the collective experience of the whole team, from riders to mechanics to soigneurs to directors and office staff that put us on the podium in August. My congratulations to everyone at Team Novo Nordisk for a job well done. Let’s go get more in China.”



1st: Nikodemus Holler (Bike Aid) 2:46:48

2nd: Matteo Moschetti (Polartec-Kometa): behind Holler

3rd: Kamil Maleki (CCC Sprandi Polkowice): ”

11th: Mehdi Benhamouda: “

(Photos: ©René Vigneron)