Position: Head of Performance

Federico Fontana is an Exercise Physiologist and Sport Scientist supporting the Team Novo Nordisk’s professional men riders with their daily training routines. He takes the challenge of translating sports science into practice with the goal of improving cycling performance.

Born in Verona, Italy, Fontana holds a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Verona, Italy with a focus on metabolism during cycling. During his Ms.c. in Sport Science, Fontana focused on the study of oxygen kinetics, lactate metabolism and the factors that limit human endurance performance in cycling. He split his studies between the University of Verona, Italy, the Western University, Canada and the University of Calgary, Canada.

His role with Team Novo Nordisk includes supervising coaches and overseeing training methodology, performance testing, training, monitoring and data analyses for all cyclists. He is supported by a team of scientists and coaches to provide the best support for each individual cyclist.

Team Novo Nordisk adds a fascinating challenge for Fontana because all the athletes compete with type 1 diabetes. As a curious scientist, Fontana works to blend knowledge, experience, and intuition for performance enhancement in this cutting-edge environment.