Hometown: Rotorua, New Zealand
Age of diagnosis: 16
Position: Ambassador

I have been riding since I can remember. My dad bought me my first mountain bike when I was six and since then I have lived to ride. I started road racing aged 13 and was well on my way to professional racing when I was diagnosed with diabetes. I thought I would have to give it all up and ended up taking some time out for a few years. I then found out about this team — it gave me hope that if others were competing to such a high level, then maybe I could do the same and I started riding again. It was the best thing I could have ever done. My diabetes is under control, I am feeling fit and healthy again and I love riding and racing again.


Message to people with diabetes: Do not let it stop you doing whatever you were doing before, and be sure to keep as active as you can.

Cycling dream: To compete to the highest level I can and maybe one day compete in the Tour de France.

Life dream: To be successful at whatever I turn my hand to and give everything 110%.