Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Age of diagnosis: 10
Position: Ambassador

I used to ride my bike to school; I loved and still love the freedom it grants me. Your senses are so much more alive on a bicycle; the sounds, the smells, the sights; you notice these more on a bike than from a car.

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I was devastated by the news as I had always dreamed of being a jet fighter pilot. However, as I grew older my dreams changed and my focus shifted from what I couldn’t achieve as a person with diabetes to what I could. That opened up the entire world to me. There is so little in life holding people with diabetes back, the world is our oyster! Cycling helps keep me healthy which is crucial to helping me manage my diabetes.


Message to people with diabetes: It takes a hero to deal with diabetes and diabetes only chooses heroes.

Cycling dream: To keep showing that no matter what challenges we have in life, we can all live our dreams. Challenges are just that – challenges, not barriers. I want to keep racing and helping my team achieve great results.

Life dream: Keep having a happy life with a happy wife.