How is Team Novo Nordisk Changing Diabetes?

See how Team Novo Nordisk riders are striving to change diabetes in sports, the diabetes community and in their own lives.

Sam Brand:

Being part of the team, you’d see we’re changing diabetes. A family came up to the team bus with their son, who recently diagnosed, they felt a lot happier leaving. It’s a great feeling, helping another human.

Charles Planet:

The people saw us as a rider to beat in the race. We all have type 1 diabetes, but after 5 years, we are all just the same as the other teams. All the media, the other teams, they don’t see us as riders with diabetes, they just see us a rider. 

Quentin Valognes:

When I got diagnosed, my parents were thinking it was their fault. Now I think they are even proud that I am diabetic. Why it’s easy- all parents dream to make the dream of their children come true. It’s what they do.

Fabio Calabria:

Team Novo Nordisk has made me change my perception of racing with diabetes. It’s made me more aware, be a better type 1 diabetic, manage my body better. At the same time it’s made me become more comfortable with it.

I’m not alone. I have 15 other teammates that are along for the ride with me. Together, we are a stronger unit.

There’s something really special about being able to do that.


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