Ben Barnett

Surrey, United Kingdom

All rounder

DOB 12-09-2002



“Success is the outcome of repeated failures.”


New to Team Novo Nordisk Development team for 2022 is young British all-rounder Ben Barnett. An experienced competitor in downhill mountain bike racing, Barnett started racing off road at age thirteen and was on a moto-cross bike at the age of six, his switch to the road came late and the 19-year-old took part in his first competitive road race in 2020.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 16, Barnett had the classic tell tale symptoms of insatiable thirst, frequent urination and tiredness. On the way to a mountain bike race around Easter time Barnett drank three bottles of water in the car before the start and his parents knew something wasn’t right.

Catching it early and lucky to have the support of a loving family and good doctors, Barnett learned about Team Novo Nordisk while in the hospital after diagnosis and realized his dreams of being a professional athlete were not over.

After attending a virtual Talent ID camp in 2020, Barnett was selected to return in person in 2021 and describes the experience as the best week of his life. Impressing throughout the camp, Barnett did enough to earn selection for the Devo team for 2022.

Off the bike Barnett likes to spend time with his friends and family at home in Surrey, England.