In January 2011, Caleb Aoake started racing his bike and shockingly only a few months later, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. At first, the then 12-year-old Aoake was unsure if he’d continue riding or competing in any sports because he was scared of how it would affect his diabetes. After working closely with his doctors and through the support from his parents, he kept riding.

As Aoake describes those first months, “We knew no one with type 1, and we didn’t know what to expect. While we didn’t know the ropes, we were determined to find a way for me to keep doing the sports that I loved.” Soon he returned to triathlon and cycling.

In August 2014, Aoake attended the Team Novo Nordisk’s Talent ID camp in the United States. While he didn’t know what to expect, he took the experience day-by-day and focused on gaining knowledge about cycling and diabetes management. After the camp, he received an invitation to race as part of the team’s junior program. After spending two years on the junior team, Aoake was invited to move up to the development team for the 2017 season. In his first year with the devo team, he earned 5 top 10 finishes including winning the PAAL’s criterium and taking third at the CCA Road Race Championship.

In the several years that Aoake has spent as part of Team Novo Nordisk pipeline program, he says he has changed in many ways. Not only has he developed as an athlete, but he also feels stronger because he is part of a program where everyone lives with diabetes. He now believes he can tackle any obstacle life throws at him.

Off the bike, Aoake’s interests include watching films, spending time with family and friends and traveling.

"I believe success doesn’t happen by accident. It is about hard work, persevering, learning, studying, sacrificing and most of all, loving what you do."