Doriand Percrule

Reunion Island, France
Doriand Percrule


DOB 21-05-1999



I want what they will never get, so I do what they cannot.


Following somewhat of a tradition of talented French climbers and puncheurs joining the Team Novo Nordisk ranks, the latest in the line is 21-year-old Doriand Percrule who joins the development team for 2021.

Born in Vitry-sur-Seine in the southeastern suburbs of Paris, Percrule’s first sport was swimming followed by football before discovering a talent and a passion for athletics and cycling.

Part of an active family of four, Percrule has a younger sister Adeline and thanks to Percrule’s father Felix taking him cycling every Sunday the bike steadily became his number one activity leading Percrule to join the local cycling club, Club Cycliste Saint-Louisien and taking part in his first race, GP Saint-Louis where he came fourth.

Things started to change in 2019. After losing a lot of weight, feeling tired all the time and suffering from dehydration and making constant trips to the toilet, Percrule underwent some tests and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in September of 2019.

Initially shocked and surprised Percrule was fortunate to enjoy great support from his family and friends and quickly learned how to manage his blood sugar levels, remembering seeing Team Novo Nordisk on social media he also felt reassured that his dream of being a professional cyclist was still alive.

Participating in the first Team Novo Nordisk virtual talent ID camp in 2020, Percrule made a good impression and was offered a place on the development team for 2021. Past results include winning the U23 Reunion Island individual time trial in 2018 and the road race in 2019.

Away from cycling Percrule’s outside interests include trail running, walking by the sea, enjoying the magnificent landscape of Reunion Island, reading, listening to music and meditation to relax.