Kobe Godts

Leuven, Belgium

All rounder/Sprinter

DOB 02-11-2002



“Believe you can, and you are halfway there.”


Belgian sprinter Kobe Godts was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at only 7 months old and has truly lived his whole life with diabetes. Never knowing anything else and not letting it hold him back, Godts joins the Team Novo Nordisk Development team for 2022.

Fortunate to have active and sport orientated parents, one of the first things they asked the doctor was “will he be able to lead an active lifestyle?”. After being told that with good diabetes management anything was possible. Godts grew up playing football, cycling and gymnastics, passing a very sports-led childhood.

Competing since he was sixteen, Godts started on a mountain bike with his father and brother before moving onto the road bike for family holidays in the mountains. When he started racing no-one knew he had diabetes and his proudest moments to date are finishing races in the harshest conditions.

Learning about Team Novo Nordisk from his Grandmother who read an article about the team. Godts came to meet the pro riders when they raced at Brabantse Pijl, in his hometown of Leuven.

With the objective firmly fixed, Godts attended the 2021 Talent ID camp in Normandy and made the selection for the 2022 Devo team roster. Enjoying the inspiring experience of being surrounded by young aspiring athletes living with diabetes who all have similar dreams and goals.

After being a competitive and junior Flemish champion gymnast Godts now coaches young gymnasts in his free time and is studying to become a sports teacher.