Louis Evans

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom


DOB 24-02-2001



“Diabetes gives me the determination to strive for better in everything I do.”


Louis Evans road to Team Novo Nordisk is truly an inspirational story, after attending two Talent ID camps the 19 year old finally made it onto the development team for the 2020 season, only to see it cut cruelly short due to COVID-19. Perseverance paid its dues and Evans returned for a solid 2021 and earned an extension into 2022.

Evans started cycling at four by riding local cyclocross routes with his uncle. When he was 13, he started to train and race more seriously. Part of an active family of four, Evans also took part in a broad range of sports throughout childhood, including rugby, football, kayaking, tennis, cricket, and swimming.

At 16, Evans started feeling unwell with stomach cramps, dehydration, tiredness. and increased urination- all classic symptoms of diabetes. The symptoms persisted for a few weeks and after going to his local doctor for a urine test, Evans was told to get to the hospital immediately.

Following more comprehensive tests, Evans was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Devastated and feeling overwhelmed with the situation, Evans fortunately found out about Team Novo Nordisk while still in his hospital bed. Instantly, he knew his cycling dreams may not be over after all.

With the support of his family and through a friend of a friend, Evans found out more about the team and was put in contact with Team Novo Nordisk pro rider Stephen Clancy. The Irishman paid Evans a surprise visit offering valuable advice and encouragement, including suggesting that he apply for Team Novo Nordisk’s annual talent ID camp.

Yet three months before he was slated to attend talent ID camp in the US, Evans broke his femur. For a second time Evans athletic career seemed to be in jeopardy. Despite the setback and through sheer hard work and determination, Evans exceeded all expectations and was back on his bike before camp.

Impressed with the team, its vision and mission, Evans left that camp determined to return with full preparation and made joining Team Novo Nordisk his ultimate goal. His hard work and focus paid off. He was invited to attend a second talent ID camp in 2019 and following a strong showing, Evans earned a place on the development team for the 2020 season.

Away from cycling, Evans enjoys spending time with the family dog-Beth and is a hard-working student; he recently achieved straight A’s in his final school exams.