Mia Sophie Rützou


DOB 20-07-1999


“Always try to become a better version of yourself.”


Danish track cyclist Mia Sofie Rützou joined the Team Novo Nordisk ambassador program in 2022.

Rützou’s relationship with sport did not start in the track, but as a rower.
In 2019, at the pinnacle of her rowing career, competing at the U23 World Championship in Florida, she began experiencing unusual symptoms – relentless thirst, blurred vision, and unexplained fatigue. After losing 10 kilograms in just two weeks, on the 9th of November 2019, she decided to check in with her doctor and she received her type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

Mia was the only person in her family to be diagnosed with diabetes, but with the support of her family she started to learn to adapt and manage her condition.

Cycling emerged as Rützou’s newfound passion, offering a pathway to manage her diabetes while pursuing her athletic dreams. As she shifted her focus to cycling, she decided not to hide her diabetes by sharing her diagnosis with teammates, coaches, and trainers from day one.

Away from the bike, Rützou is a dedicated law student at Aarhus University, and she likes to spend time with her loved ones as well as to bake breads and cakes.