Oliver Behringer has raced bikes for as long as he can remember. He began competing in small MTB races, and it was during a training ride when he first noticed the typical diabetes symptoms. When he was diagnosed at age 11, Behringer received an overwhelming amount of negative information and stopped racing.

It was a meeting with the team’s predecessor, Team Type 1, which changed Behringer’s mindset. In 2011, Behringer’s father learned that Team Type 1 was racing at the Tour de Suisse. Behringer met the team’s CEO and cofounder Phil Southerland and several of the pro riders. From that day forward, he set his sights on racing for the team and showing the world what may be possible with diabetes. By 2013, he was racing as a U19 rider in Switzerland as part of a local development team and progressing in his training and racing.

Once Behringer completed nursing school in 2016, he attended one of Team Novo Nordisk’s Talent ID camps and was invited to join the development squad for the 2017 season.

When he is home, Behringer is a major supporter of his local football club. When his cycling career is done, he intends to return to his previous career as a nurse.

"Don’t let someone tell you diabetes should stop you from chasing your dreams!"