Tanguy Dulac had a traditional childhood playing outside with his older brother around Roanne, France. Prior to his diabetes diagnosis, Dulac started to notice an increased thirst and urination, yet it was after taking a shower that his mother noticed how much weight he had lost. Immediately they called the doctor who ordered a blood test. The results showed an elevated blood glucose level and Dulac was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

No one in Dulac’s family had diabetes and initially he felt stunned by the diagnosis. For a nine-year-old, the thought of daily injections was overwhelming. Everyone in his family was scared but together they learned what it meant to live with diabetes. Fortunately, Dulac’s medical team recommended that he continue to play basketball and other sports to help with his management.

Another change in Dulac’s life after his diagnosis was that he found the bike. His father, who is a firefighter, would take him out on the bike and together they learned how to manage diabetes while riding. Soon Dulac joined the local cycling club and began competing as a junior in 2011. In 2017, he earned a bronze medal at the French Track Championship in the keirin.

It was Dulac’s father who first introduced him to Team Novo Nordisk and by summer 2017, he attended one of the team’s annual Talent ID camps in the United States. For the 2018 season, Dulac was invited to race with Team Type 1’s junior team, which feeds into Team Novo Nordisk’s development squad.

In addition to cycling, Dulac would like to have a career in sports marketing and aims to earn his baccalauréat (academic qualification French students take after high school).

"Stay strong because diabetes isn’t an obstacle, but a strength."