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Team Novo Nordisk Benny Madrigal Runner

Benny Madrigal is Doing it All: Pro Athlete, Father & Teacher

Benny Madrigal describes his childhood in one word, “active”. The California-native says he can count on one hand the days he spent indoors. Instead, he played nearly every sport imaginable until his mother called him in for dinner. In high school, he focused exclusively on running, both on the track and cross-country and earned all-American honors….

Sebastien Sasseville Outrun Diabetes Team Novo Nordisk

Outrun Diabetes — The Final Challenge

Team Novo Nordisk athlete Sebastien Sasseville checks in from the final leg of Outrun Diabetes– his 7500km solo run across Canada. I have run 6900km since February, and I’m just about 345km away from the finish line. It’s almost time to start reflecting upon this amazing journey called Outrun Diabetes. It’s incredible how quickly the…

Team Novo Nordisk 2014 Cincy3 CX

TNN Scores Three Top Tens at Cincy3 CX

Over the weekend, Team Novo Nordisk raced in the Cincy3 Cyclocross Festival to inspire, educate and empower people affected by diabetes. In its 11th year, the race began as a one-day race and has since grown to be one of the biggest cross festivals in the country complete with three days of racing. More than…

Join Team Novo Nordisk to circle the globe for World Diabetes Day! #WDDkm

TNN Circles the Globe For World Diabetes Day

We set out to log the kilometers you walk, run, ride and swim with the goal of reaching 40,000km- enough to circle the globe. You helped us crush that goal, we logged 70,800- nearly circling the globe TWICE! Thank you for helping Team Novo Nordisk to circle the globe (and more!) for World Diabetes Day…


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Anne Wu_BIN_2377
Anne Wu_BIN9957Anne Wu_BIN_0485Anne Wu_BIN_2414

Tour of Hainan – Stage 9

The world’s first all-diabetes pro cycling concluded its second season at yesterday’s final stage at Tour of Hainan. (Photos: ©Anne Wu)

Anne Wu_BIN_3415
Anne Wu_BIN_3538Anne Wu_BIN_3351Anne Wu_BIN_3464

Tour of Hainan – Stage 8

Andrea Peron sprinted to another top ten finish in Monday’s penultimate stage of the Tour of Hainan. Soon after the day’s first categorized climb, Peron and teammate Scott Ambrose pulled away with the race’s front group, which kept its lead until the final final kilometers, putting Peron in position for a for a ninth place finish….

Anne Wu_BIN9682
Anne Wu_BIN0052Anne Wu_BIN0067Anne Wu_BIN_2697

Tour of Hainan – Stage 7

Team Novo Nordisk raced aggressively from the start at Sunday’s Tour of Hainan queen stage, but after racing nearly 200km with climbs of 1,500m, no riders were able to get into the front group. “The last two stages should be sprints, so I would like to try again,” says TNN’s Andrea Peron. “I hope to get lucky and finally…

Anne Wu_BIN_2307
Anne Wu_BIN_2525Anne Wu_BIN_2416Anne Wu_BIN_2105

Tour of Hainan – Stage 6

Stage 6 of Tour of Hainan saw Andrea Peron sprinting to a top ten finish while Stephen Clancy excelled as part of four-man breakaway. “It was a good day for the team alright,” Clancy says. “It was a hard day, but the breakaway worked well together for over 120km. Despite getting caught, we still topped off the…