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Peron Scores Top 10 In Hainan While Clancy Shines in Breakaway

Race: Tour of Hainan/ Stage 6 Start/Finish: Sanya-Dongfang Distance: 182.1 kilometers Overview: Saturday’s 182.1-kilometer stage saw a hectic start heading out of Sanya with the riders covering more than 50 km in the first hour of racing. Team Novo Nordisk was determined to get into the day’s breakaway, and all the riders were seen at…

Tour of Hainan 2014 Team Novo Nordisk

Crashes Plague Stage 5 in Hainan

Race: Tour of Hainan/ Stage 5 Start/Finish: Wanning-Sanya Distance: 192.9 kilometers Overview: Friday’s Stage 5 of the Tour of Hainan saw the Team Novo Nordisk riders tackling a nearly 200-kilometer stage under rainy skies. The wet roads took their toll on the world’s first all-diabetes pro cycling team with several riders crashing as they raced towards…

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Peron Fights for the Finish in Hainan

Race: Tour of Hainan/ Stage 4 Start/Finish: Haikou-Wenchang – Xinglong Distance: 145.8 kilometers Overview: Team Novo Nordisk fought hard to get into the breakaway on Thursday’s Stage 4 at the Tour of Hainan. While they were unable to escape on the flat 145.8-kilometer stage, they raced well through the wind and rain. Julien Antomarchi (Team…

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Lefrancois and Peron Finish Strong on Fast Stage 3 at Tour of Hainan

Race: Tour of Hainan/ Stage 3 Start/Finish: Haikou-Wenchang – Yueliangwan Distance: 136.5 kilometers Overview: The third stage of Tour of Hainan began in Haikou, the capital city of Hainan, today and included three sprints. The pace was fast all day with near constant attacks and Team Novo Nordisk fought to make it into the breakaways….


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Tour of Hainan – Stage 6

Stage 6 of Tour of Hainan saw Andrea Peron sprinting to a top ten finish while Stephen Clancy excelled as part of four-man breakaway. “It was a good day for the team alright,” Clancy says. “It was a hard day, but the breakaway worked well together for over 120km. Despite getting caught, we still topped off the…

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Tour of Hainan – Stage 5

Wet roads took a toll in stage 5 of Tour of Hainan, but Team Novo Nordisk powered on to finish strong. ”The rain really impacted everyone,” says Team Novo Nordisk Sport Director Pavel Cherkasov. “Fortunately most of the crashed weren’t very dramatic, and our riders were able to continue.” (Photos: ©Anne Wu)

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Tour of Hainan – Stage 4

Team Novo Nordisk fought hard to get into the break on Stage 4 Tour of Hainan, but were unable to escape through the wind and rain. All TNN riders finished in the main group, however, with Andrea Peron once again finishing as the team’s best-placed rider. (Photos: ©Anne Wu)


Tour of Hainan – Stage 3

Team Novo Nordisk continues to fight for results at Tour of Hainan, but strong finishes for Lefrancois and Peron on stage 3 move the world’s first all-‪diabetes pro cycling team a step closer. (Photos: ©Anne Wu)