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Live Life Feet First!

Xero Shoes designs lightweight shoes, boots and sandals that allow your feet to naturally bend, flex and move. As a natural footwear brand, Xero Shoes features wider, foot-shaped toe boxes that allow your toes spread and relax, a zero-drop non-elevated heel and a low-to-the-ground sole that offers a combination of protection and sensory feedback. All Xero Shoes have a 5,000-mile sole warranty.

Xero Shoes was founded in 2009 by husband and wife co-founders Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix in a spare bedroom in their house. The company started with a simple “DIY sandal kit”, assembled by Sashen and Phoenix, who appeared on ABC’s hit reality-business show, Shark Tank in 2013 Since then, the brand but has evolved into a complete line of more than 39 casual and performance shoes, boots, and sandals. The mission is to help people experience the comfort and benefits of natural movement footwear so they can “Live Life Feet First”. Xero Shoes has customers ages 2-92 in 97 countries who wear their shoes for every occasion and activity.


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