Back to School with Diabetes

12 September 2018

Back to School time can be very exciting….and a bit overwhelming for students with diabetes and their caregivers. What if I go low before a test? Will my friends make fun of my pump? Do my teachers even know what diabetes is?

Luckily, the TNN and TT1 ambassadors are experts! Here is their advice for a smooth start to the school year.

Amarissa, Track and Field, University of Arizona:

Always carry extra supplies and snacks. Tell your teachers and friends that you have diabetes so they know in case of an emergency. Otherwise, just do exactly what you do at home and don’t be shy to ask a school nurse for help!

Jessy, Soccer, Coe College

Be open with your teachers and classmates. The less embarrassed and shy you are, the more understanding others will be.

Jake, Swimming, Texas A&M

Be confident in yourself and your abilities to manage your diabetes. Don’t ever feel embarrassed about treating it and always ask for help if you need it.

Nick, Track and Field, Pomona College

Embrace your uniqueness and get your friends involved. It’s fun to show off your glucometer, and pump/shots. They will think it’s cool and will be much more supportive as you have highs and lows.

We hope no one is ever ashamed of their diabetes and is proud to share their stories with others. You are all champions and we wish you all a healthy and happy school year!

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