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Since its founding in 1989, Argon 18 has brought together a team of cycling aficionados and R&D specialists, all driven by the goal of offering the best possible cycling experience to racers and riders of all kinds.With bikes on the roads, tracks and trails of more than 70 countries worldwide — and sponsoring professional cycling teams and professional triathletes the world over — Argon 18 has become a benchmark in the international cycling community.

“We are very excited to be entering into a new partnership with Argon 18,” said TNN General Manager Vassili Davidenko“It’s always a special feeling to be starting a new season on brand new bikes, especially when it’s a technical partner of the caliber of Argon 18 who, it’s fair to say, have become a byword for speed and quality at the highest level, both on the road and on the track.”



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