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FRÍO Italia is the Official Distributor for Italy of FRÍO products, the world’s first patented cases for insulin and thermosensitive drugs.


FRÍO Italia was born in 2006 thanks to Emanuela Mazza, 37-year-old from Rome, mother of 4 children, a person with diabetes with a need: to find a practical, convenient and economical solution that allows her to have insulin pens always at hand, safe from hot in summer and from cold in winter.

Upon learning of FRÍO products, Emanuela Mazza contacted Garnet and Althea Wolsey, creators of FRÍO crystals to have samples sent and, understanding the unique value of this innovative technology capable of literally changing the quality of life of people with diabetes, decide to travel to Wales for get to know in person Garnet and Althea, visit the company and check the possibility of a collaboration. A few days later she returned to Rome with some cases she bought, and with the very few resources available she founded FRÍO Italia, creating the first and only official FRÍO distributor in Italy and soon becoming a point of reference for tens of thousands of people with diabetes, doctors, patient associations and over time creating collaborations with numerous companies in the pharmaceutical sector.


FRÍO cases have been designed to offer an effective and economical solution to the problem of keeping insulin and many other heat-sensitive drugs at a safe temperature below 30°C (on average between 18-26°C) for at least 45 consecutive hours , even at constantly high outside temperatures, without the need for a refrigerator and/or electricity.

✅ Tested for 48 hours at a temperature of 37.8°C
✅ They keep insulin fresh for up to 28 days
✅ Lightweight and compact
✅ Reusable and reactivated
✅ They activate with cold water

The FRÍO case has been designed to suit all types and brands of insulin pens, insulin pumps, vials and standard refill cartridges and most of the insulin pump models on the market.


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