#CoachesTips: Physical Activity In the Current COVID-19 Situation

13 April 2020


Official measures that restrict people’s movements in the presence of the Coronavirus crisis do not necessarily mean that physical activity must be limited or eliminated from everyday routines. 

Prolonged home stay may lead to increased sedentary behaviours, such as spending excessive amounts of time sitting or lying down for screening activities (watching television, using mobile devices, etc). 

At Team Novo Nordisk, we adhere to the principle that “some activity is better than none, and more is better than less.” 


Each country is different so please follow all the rules in your locale. Many locations are limiting outdoor training because unnecessary incidents could place strain on an already stressed medical system.

Walking or running outside (if an option) or indoor cycling on a trainer are all recommended options.

Aim to exercise at home using various safe, simple, and easily implementable exercises to maintain fitness levels. Examples include strength training exercises, balance and control exercises, stretching exercises, or a combination of all of the above. Check out LULULEMON (link) and SUFFERFEST (LINK) websites to find some options and ideas for indoor workout!


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