Devo team: race report Five Rings of Moscow, prologue

10 June 2021

Date: June 9, 2021

Race: 5 Rings of Moscow

Start/Finish: Moscow,Russia

Distance: 3.8km

Weather: Cloudy 20deg 

Course: prologue ,flat 

Riders: 138

Class: UCI 2.2

Sergey Lagutin, Head Coach 

Today was the first day of our race in Moscow, all riders were very motivated and looking forward to this race.I told them to warm up very well and push all out at the race. We don’t  have specialists for this type of race, so I didn’t put any pressure on anyone.

Filippo Ridolfo 42d  0:21 sec 

Robbe Ceurens 64th 0:25 

Louis Evans 70th  0:26

Przemysław Kotulski 82d 0:30

Nigel De Sota 96th  0:32

Ulugbek Saidov 105th  0:33

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