TNN Upgrades to Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

24 July 2018

Dexcom’s revolutionary G6 CGM system is approved to eliminate routine fingersticks

Team Novo Nordisk, the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team, and Dexcom, a global leader in development, manufacturing and distribution of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems for diabetes management, announced that all Team Novo Nordisk men’s professional athletes will live, train and race using Dexcom’s new G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.

“Dexcom’s continued focus on innovation and improvement on their already cutting-edge technology is truly heartwarming,” Team Novo Nordisk CEO and Co-Founder Phil Southerland said. “Professional bike racing is a difficult sport without diabetes and the new Dexcom G6 technology will be a huge asset for our riders in their diabetes management, which has a direct impact on performance. Thanks to the support and dedication of Dexcom, we confidently feel that the best is yet to come for Team Novo Nordisk and our mission to inspire, educate and empower everyone affected by diabetes.”

Since 1999, Dexcom’s mission has been to empower people to take control of their diabetes. By constantly tracking their levels with Dexcom’s G6 CGM system, Team Novo Nordisk’s athletes can help eliminate diabetes from the race equation.

The groundbreaking Dexcom G6 incorporates new features including:

  • Elimination of fingersticks for calibration or diabetes treatment decisions
  • Customizable alarms and alerts to warn users and up to five designated followers of dangerous glucose levels
  • An extended 10-day sensor allowing for 43% longer wear than the previous generation Dexcom CGM
  • A new and smaller transmitter with a 28% lower profile than the previous generation
  • An auto-applicator designed to make sensor insertion very simple and as painless as possible with the touch of a button
  • Continuous glucose readings sent automatically using Bluetooth technology to any compatible smart device, or to a Dexcom receiver, every five minutes

Team Novo Nordisk | Dexcom G6 | applewatch-white-facingleft

“Eliminating the fingersticks is an immense relief for anybody with diabetes and now our riders can see their diabetes data on a watch during races and can share this information with the team doctor, which means we can always stay one step ahead of diabetes. This advancement is truly groundbreaking for our team,” Southerland said.

Team Novo Nordisk’s Fabio Calabria, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 13, recently transitioned over to the Dexcom G6 and agrees with Southerland’s appraisal of the innovative technology and also highlights how much easier the G6 is to use compared to earlier generations.

“The new G6 has improved on an already amazing product and system,” Calabria explained. “Inserting the new sensor was easy and painless and took basically no time at all. Additionally, I appreciated that there was less downtime between sensors, which meant more time being able to view my blood glucose numbers.”

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