Get to know our Sponsor: Selle Italia

04 March 2020

For another season, Selle Italia proudly remains one of the main and most active players in the cycling sector. For the 2020 season, Selle Italia serves as a technical sponsor of the Team Novo Nordisk with some race-tested saddles along with some new and innovative products like the SLR Boost.

For this season, to strengthen its ties with the pro peloton, Selle Italia has created a new SLR Boost Superflow Pro Team with a dedicated design and tone-on-tone contrasting red transfer graphics. The saddle, which will be available for purchase during the season, also features the new Selle Italia logo.

With more than 120 years of history, the logo is an updated version for the Italian company. It demonstrates Selle Italia’s continuous evolution as a brand, not only in terms of technology and performance but also from the viewpoint of design and style.


According to President and Owner of Selle Italia Guiseppe Bigolin, the new graphic design helps bring the company and its visual assets into the next century, “Our designers have once again surpassed themselves. Through this new product logo, we can share the values of our brand, which is positioned as a leading company in the cycling sector. We kept the lettering the same because it is so internationally recognized but choose to update the font, size, and shape. Overall, the new design is simplified, as it is composed exclusively of typographic elements. This choice was made due to our search for freshness and modernity while also meeting the demands of an ever-changing public.”

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Selle Italia is a leader in the design and manufacture of bicycle saddles. Founded in 1897, it has been operating in the sector for more than 120 years and is based in Veneto, in Asolo. Every year the company markets 1 million products, currently sold worldwide and unique in performance, comfort and design.

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