Get to know our Sponsor: Veloflex

11 December 2019

Veloflex, we love tubulars!

Veloflex is proud to be the official tire sponsor of Team Novo Nordisk. Read below for some exciting details around what goes into producing the tires that keep Team Novo Nordisk riders racing against the best in the world.

Veloflex produces tubulars with the same techniques that were used more than 70 years ago—with the same number of accurate, meticulous steps.

The production of a tubular involves 35 operations starting with the raw material and different components (yarn, latex, rubber, glue, valves). Producing a tubular takes three times longer than making a clincher tire (open tubular).

Over the past 70 years, raw materials have changed and obviously improved. Still, the process remains the same–manual skill is fundamental, and Veloflex is proud that there are no two identical Veloflex tubulars on the market. 

Veloflex also produces open tubulars: they are manufactured with the same artisan process they use for their tubulars, which is the reason they don’t generally call them clincher tires.

Veloflex recently launched a new clincher tires line in the SPS version (Sidewall Protection System) equipped with a special protection system that makes the clincher tires suitable for all carbon rims available on the market, regardless of the type or brand.

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