Get to Know Wahoo’s ELEMNT RIVAL

15 December 2020

The ELEMNT RIVAL is a purpose-built multisport GPS watch that provides athletes with essential data to enhance performance when training or racing.  ELEMNT RIVAL looks great for everyday use, but will also withstand grueling workout conditions. An intuitive user experience along with unique multisport features allows ELEMNT RIVAL to deliver a seamless performance advantage whether training or competing.

Who is it designed for?

ELEMNT RIVAL is intended for athletes who demand data to help them perform in the water, on the bike or on the road, but who do not want to be distracted by their technology

The ELEMNT RIVAL is the smartest multisport watch for athletes with intuitive, easy-to use features that allow users to focus on their workout or race. RIVAL integrates with the Wahoo Ecosystem and can control KICKR Smart Trainers and pairs to all products within the Wahoo ecosystem offering optical heartrate and 24/7 step tracking. The Perfect View Zoom allows you to customize activity profiles and data fields in the companion app and then zoom in and out of workout screens to focus on the metrics that matter most to your performance.


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