Giro Del Medio Brenta, race report

05 July 2021

Date: July 4, 2021

Race: Giro del medio Brenta 

Start/Finish: Villa Del Conte, Gallio 

Distance: 171 km

Weather: sunny and hot at the start and rain and cold at the finish 

Course: 110km flat and last 60km Climbs 20km,6km,6km 

Riders: 151

Class: UCI 1.2 

Sergey Lagutin – Development Team Head Coach 

“Today was a very hard race and we all knew that even with our best rider it would be very hard to finish. I decided not to put any pressure on the riders, they only had to try to finish the race or make it to the final circuit. I think they did a very good job by trying to survive as long as possible. Eolo Kometa started puling very hard from the beginning of the climb to make a big selection, and 100 riders did not finish. 

Robbe and Przemyslaw were able to stay longer than anyone in the group but unfortunately the commissar closed the circuit even though it was less than 8% of the time limit. Anyway, I think they all got good experience from today’s race.” 

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