Hydrating with Nuun through the summer months

15 June 2021

Summer is here in the northern hemisphere which makes hydration on your workouts more important. Nuun has been a longstanding partner to Team Novo Nordisk and is a perfect fit for the team because added to water, it creates a sports drink without the added sugars. 

The Seattle-based company was the first to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates and has become a must-have for many people as wellness becomes more widespread. 

This is what some of our athletes have to say about Nuun. 

Hamish Beadle: Nuun is an essential part of training for me, I almost always have a tab or two in my bottle. I also use it after training, to help rehydrate and recover. I’m not good at drinking enough water every day so Nuun really helps because it makes water taste so good. I’ve used Nuun since being in the development team, so nearly 5 years now. It’s a part of my daily routine.

Oliver Behringer: I use it all the time, especially when it’s warm. Because I come from Switzerland, I am not always used to warmer conditions so for me, the warmer it gets, the more important it is to hydrate and fill up on electrolytes. I use it mostly in training and racing. As soon as it’s over 20 degrees Celsius, I add electrolytes to avoid cramping. 

Przemyslaw Kotulski: For me, Nuun works very well especially in racing when I want to avoid cramping. I always drink it during competitions and it helps me with hydration. I like to have at least one bottle with Nuun with me during the race and I like lemon 🍋 flavor. The best time I would say every couple minutes during the race is to drink at least a little.

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