Meet new TNN ambassador, Fiona Wylde

10 June 2022

Fiona Wylde is a multiple Stand Up Paddleboarding world champion. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 17, on the same day she graduated from high school.

She’d already signed her first contract to become a professional athlete upon her diagnosis. At the time, her mother reached out to Team Novo Nordisk CEO and co-founder Phil Southerland who encouraged her to keep going.

Fiona joins Team Novo Nordisk this year as an ambassador and says the relationship has come full circle. “That happens so many times in life where one little connection changes the direction you’re going. A lot of times, people who are making those impacts don’t even realize they are doing it. In my case, Phil reached out and seeing the team made everything I wanted to do with type 1 seem possible. Phil’s email changed my life and that’s why it’s cool to be part of Team Novo Nordisk, especially in a sport that’s different to cycling to show that there are a lot of different ways to inspire, educate and empower people with diabetes,” Fiona said.

Fiona loves community and says she is all about sharing inspiration in the type 1 community. Though she’s not a cyclist, she loves the idea of multiple sports coming together through the commonality of diabetes and showing how a healthy and active lifestyle can help manage the condition. “It means a lot to me personally and professionally.” Ironically, the American is prepping for shoulder surgery from an injury she sustained in her last competition, and cycling is the only sport she can do at the moment while her shoulder heals.

Wylde is broadening her horizons into Wing foiling and has impressed in her short time in the sport thus far. She inherited a natural sense of adventure from her parents, who, during her childhood, chose to make their business seasonal so they could spend 3-4 months in Mexico. As the only English speaker at school there, she had to learn Spanish quickly which she’s grateful for now as a professional athlete competing globally.

Last year we did an extensive interview with Fiona about her diagnosis, upbringing and hopes for the future, which you can read here.

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