Peron second on stage two sprint in the shadow of Delfi

28 April 2022

Whether it was the history of the ancient terrain that lays beneath the roads, or the mythical energy that surrounds the coast bellow the stunning hills of Delphi and the ruins of the famous Oracle that once dwelled there. Sought out by heroes to foretell of great deeds yet to come. But one things for sure, the modern day heroes of Team Novo Nordisk soak up the energy and go well racing on Greek roads. Italian sprinter Andrea Peron taking his and the teams second podium of the season with strong second place in the sprint on stage two of the International Tour of Hellas.

A fiery stage unfolded over the rolling hills out of Athens as two or three different breakaway groups formed before the race came back together on the long descent to the coast and the finish in Itrea. Former Hungarian champion Peter Kusztor produced a strong lead out for Peron and the Padovan did the rest. 

Andrea Peron (ITA):

“That’s the second time I’ve come within a wheel length of a win this year and both times it’s happened at a Greek race! We’re getting closer that’s for sure and like my wife says, I’m like a lion that smells blood, I get stronger as I get closer and I really hope we keep working like this because if we do then that win is coming.”

“Of course I’m happy to get second place today, it’s another step closer and the guys all worked so hard for me today. We all finished so close together and showed great teamwork. Peter I take my hat off to, because he popped up next to me after the descent and took me into the last km at the front. That was key to the result today and if we didn’t show what’s possible with diabetes today…then I don’t know when we will.”

Sports director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“Fantastic work by the whole team today. They worked very well together and aside form the result, it made me happy to see them all finish close to each other as a team and as a unit.”

“There’s no doubt Andrea is getting closer, his results so far this year tell their own story and today he was within a whisker of the win. Peter emptied himself to get Andrea in position after the descent and showed all his experience in choosing the right moment to take Andrea forward. The guys are real heroes in every race we take part in, but today they took up the reigns and became protagonists on a tough stage and achieved a fantastic result.”

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