Racing to Inspire, Educate & Empower Everyone Affected By Diabetes

06 September 2017

Team Novo Nordisk races to inspire, educate and empower everyone affected by diabetes. Find out what that mission means to our team!

Inspire…by racing against the world’s best cyclist

Fabio Calabria: On Team Novo Nordisk having diabetes is something that is embraced and isn’t something you need to hide. It’s something that we can talk about and we can share and we can empower, inspire and educate people around the world with diabetes.

Javier Megias: We want to show these kids, no…if they want to ride, if they want to run, they can do it, no? Why not? And hopefully we can show we can do, all together, a Grand Tour, and hopefully to win as well.

Stephen Clancy: I’ve always looked up to sports people with diabetes, without diabetes and to be able to look up to a sports person who has diabetes if you have also the condition would be special.

Educate…by sharing stories and accomplishments

Martijn Verschoor: I want to help other people and we want to share the story because you learn from each other. Like I can learn from them and they can learn from meBut when you don’t share the story and you are ashamed and you think, I can do everything by myself, it’s really difficult to find a good way with diabetes. The best thing to learn with your diabetes is to talk about it.

Stephen Clancy: When I was diagnosed, I was told told, you can cycle one mile at a time. So just by doing what we’re doingdoing a hundred mile races day after day, back to backis just educating people that, actually you can, you know.

Empower…by achieving what they said was impossible

David Lozano: For me and my teammates, like we, we think, like, when we are racing and in the hardest sport in the world, in my opinionit’s the top…like you can arrive for sports people, no? And if you have diabetes, usually they say you cannot even go for a football match or whatever. So having us in the top of the sport it means, like, you can do whatever you want to achieve in your life.

Stephen Clancy: You know, giving the people affected by diabetes the tools, you know, the knowledge of how to combine exercise with diabetes is special.

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