Riders react to being part of the Ride for your L1fe documentary

06 July 2022

The Ride for your L1fe documentary captures a year in the life of Team Novo Nordisk. Danish film-maker Peter Alsted was embedded in the team for the 2021 season, getting an all-access pass at races and visiting the riders at their homes.

This film shares unique insight into the day-to-day struggles of professional cycling while racing to inspire the diabetes community. Riders generously opened their homes and were vulnerable on camera.

It was very nice to be involved in such insight into our team and giving fans the inside view. At the same time I wish I was healthy and racing at my full potential to make a bigger impact. Watching the documenetary, there is an emotional moment where I had tears when I saw what a tough year 2021 was due to my health. I hope people will get inspired by our documentary and that they can see the real inside of a full season in our team goal.

Charles Planet

For me it was a difficult decision to be filmed all the time because I’m a person that hardly shares much on social media. But I was thinking about when I was diagnosed and had no references from cyclists with diabetes and how this could be a game changer in terms of showing that. It was also important so show we are a professional cycling team and we also go through difficult moments many times, because you almost only see the nice side of professional sport in the media but there is a lot going on behind the scenes! Also bringing my parents and wife into the film was beautiful to really get to know what they felt that moment and now!

David Lozano

Being involved in the documentary was really a tremendous honour. It’s our mission to inspire those around the world affected by diabetes and this documentary is really powerful at doing that as well as inviting the conversation to open around inspiring anyone who has a dream and ambition in Life and overcomes personal challenges to realize those goals. This documentary is for you.

Logan Phippen

To be involved in Ride for your L1fe truly means the world to me. As a professional cyclist living with diabetes I want to use my platform to change the world. This is a first step in doing just that. As an individual, and team, we want others affected by diabetes to feel empowered to chase their dreams whilst those not living with the condition to gain a deeper understanding in not only why we do this but the intricacies of diabetes. Being part of this documentary, seeing its development and process has been more than special. To be involved in something so unique, I hope can be the start of a change in our community and works.

Sam Brand

Ride for your L1fe is out now on Outside Channel. Watch full movie here.

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