TNN caught in the wind at the Rhodes GP

20 March 2022

Strong winds and big splits characterized today’s one-day International Rhodes GP with the action unfolding over one, 186km lap of the whole island with Team Novo Nordisk caught the wrong side of the attacks on the main climb of the day and left chasing until the finish.

Andrea Peron

“It wasn’t our day today, and that’s frustrating after we made a positive start here last week, but we only have ourselves to blame, and we should have been more switched on once we made it back into the front group after the feed zone.”

“The wind was strong for everyone, but once the splits came on the first climb it made it harder to come back to the front, but Peter and Matyas worked hard to pull the group we were in, trying to bridge and we made it. The leaders slowed after the feed zone and the front of the race came back together again. But then we switched off, a fresh attack went, and we were chasing again.”

Head Sports Director Massimo Podenzana:

“I hope today was a blip, because we have started the season much better this year and we need to eliminate the mistakes we made today before we race again at the Rhodes Tour on Thursday. Yes, it was a hard day of racing in windy conditions, and it was full tilt up the climbs, but we need to be positioned better and race as a group. As a team. After doing well to make it back to the front group we then went to sleep and missed the next move which turned out to be the catalyst that decided the race. Around 30 or so riders contested the final and we were nearly a minute behind. That’s not good enough.”

Rhodes, Greece / March 20, 2022 / International Rhodes Grand Prix / Photo: Nassos Triantafyllou

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