TNN trio in the mix on the penultimate stage in Bulgaria 

31 August 2022

Team Novo Nordisk kept the momentum in the Tour of Bulgaria on the second last stage with a strong presence in the sprint. Matyas Kopecky lead the team home in seventh followed closely by Robbe Ceurens in ninth and Mehdi Benhamouda in 11th. 

Head sports director Massimo Podenzana:

“Today we were very prepared for the finish as we knew it was a technical one. Positioning was also going to be key. After the peloton decided to chase the day’s breakaway, it caused splits thanks to the crosswinds. We were always represented in the front so I am happy with that. In the main peloton coming into the finish, we had Matyas who is going really well upfront together with Mehdi.”

“Inside 10 kilometers, another group came back containing Robbe. The guys started positioning in the technical final. In the end, two other teams made some strong leadouts stringing out the pace in the front. Our guys were just behind that and managed to slip into the top 10 once again. Tomorrow we finish is the final day and it will be another long one with 160 kilometers with 4 climbs inside the last 60 kilometers. We want to see if we can finish this tour on a high note as it’s been a good week here.” 

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