Top Five Race Days of Autumn 2017

14 December 2017

2017 has been a full season of racing around the global for Team Novo Nordisk. From China, Japan and Denmark, here are a few of the great places we raced this fall.

5) Japan Cup Criterium – Phil Southerland

 Kicking things off Japan Cup-style means laid back street jazz and anime bike racing graffiti. Around 80,000 fans lined Utsunomiya’s streets to watch Team Novo Nordisk close out its 2017 season and Tour de France champion, Alberto Contador, end his professional career. Four TNN riders finished in the Top 20 and a VIP Velvet Rope welcomed from some of the greatest cycling fans on Earth!

4) Post Danmarkt Rundt, stage 1 – Charles Planet

What’s better than a wild, windy day on the northern Danish coast than rainclouds and a chasing peloton speeding by with a bright and brilliant finish in the Kalundborg harbor? Team Novo Nordisk rider Charles Planet thanks the 200+ motivated teammates who rode out in support at the opening stage of Post Danmarkt Rundt.

3) Tour of Hainan, stage 5 – Mehdi Benhamouda

When everything comes together for a final sprint, it makes racing special. In October at the Tour of Hainan, Team Novo Nordisk put together a week of stage racing that pulled this off nearly every day. They closed out the Tour of Hainan with four Top 10s, seven Top 20’s and numerous important lessons learned at the front of the bike race as they tackled obstacles and created solutions.

2) Japan Cup – David Lozano

 No arguing it – Japan Cup is the best one-day race of the year for Team Novo Nordisk. Not even Typhoon Lan could tear the riders away from the 10 laps on the hilly roads outside Utsonomiya. There is so much to see and do with great friends to greet along the course. We were especially happy to meet our friend and teammate Manato Ohara among the die-hard fans on the hill and were proud to bring him inside the team car for a thrilling ride during one of the difficult circuits around the course.

1) Tour of Taihu, stage 5 – Chris Williams

 A flat, rainy day on a closed circuit in the giant Chinese conurban region west of Shanghai means riders must anticipate everything. Take a look at the fire crackling in the legs and hearts of Team Novo Nordisk in some of the worst racing conditions. The peloton fights all day in mud and road grime for what’s for sure to be a frighteningly fast and nervous group finish. Chris Williams has that long, steely look in his eyes when he peers into the camera and we get to peer right back into his exhausted but satisfied face.

Bonus TV Coverage

We’re at races all over the world, and when we’re on international satellite television the spotlight is on Team Novo Nordisk and our riders in the peloton. Stagiaire Sam Brand, who joins Team Novo Nordisk for his first full professional season in 2018, raced this autumn in China at the Tour of Hainan and drew plenty of attention in his debut.

(Photo: ©TDWSport)

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