Tour of South Bohemia – Stage 2 – Report

13 September 2021

Date: 10 September 2021 

Race: Tour of South Bohemia(2.2)

Start/Finish: Třeboň-Nová Bystřice

Distance: 143km

Weather: warm and sunny +25

Course: mostly flat,hilly circuit ,technical corners  

Riders: 118

Class: UCI 2,2

Sergey Lagutin – Head Coach

Today’s strategy was to put some riders in the breakaway (Jan, Przemysław and Vaclav ) and bring Robbe to the best position for the final sprint and keep Filippo out of trouble for GC. 

Filippo Ridolfo

Today we were very motivated after the big result of yesterday and we tried to enter in a lot of breakaways. The race was hilly and in the final lap we did the climbs which ended up being raced very fast. I managed to stay in the first group but the last km was complicated and I couldn’t take the last corner as well as I would have liked.

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