Brais Dacal

Barcelona, Spain
Brais Dacal - Team Novo Nordisk


I try to use diabetes as a booster to become the best version of myself: discipline, hard work, pushing my limits


Since age two, Brais Dacal has loved bikes. After quickly learning how to ride, he was on a bike every day and was competing by the time he was 14. The Spaniard barely remembers a time when he didn’t want to ride all day, every day and as fast as possible.

Brais was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was seven years old and initially was told he would need to lead an easy life and not push himself.

While reading the Spanish version of Diabetes Magazine, he learned about Team Novo Nordisk former pro athlete Javier Megias and how the team was racing with diabetes. Brais initially doubted he was strong enough to join the team but still reached out with the goal of obtaining support around his diabetes management. After several emails, Brais was invited to join the Team Novo Nordisk development squad based on his experience on the bike.

Brais spent five seasons with Team Novo Nordisk’s development team. While no longer racing, he serves as one of Team Novo Nordisk’s standout ambassadors and is known for giving some of the most inspirational talks on his experiences racing and living with diabetes.

In addition to serving as a Team Novo Nordisk ambassador, Brais currently studies at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona with the ultimate goal of working for an international organization such as the United Nations with a focus on Peacekeeping, Security or Social Affairs. Brais is dedicated to improving the lives of those who need it most.

Off the bike, Brais loves music, visiting new countries and learning new things.