Emanuel Mini

Merlo, San Luis, Argentina
2021 Headshot Backdrop 2


“Small opportunities are the beginning of great things, seize the moment!


After spending two seasons with Team Novo Nordisk’s professional squad, Argentinian Emanuel Mini joined Team Novo Nordisk’ Ambassadors program in 2019, being at the time Team Novo Nordisk’s first South American Ambassador.

Emanuel was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 26 and first met Team Novo Nordisk when the world’s first all-diabetes pro cycling team was racing at the Tour de San Luis in Argentina (2014). He had only been diagnosed the previous year and was surprised to see people with the same condition as him racing against the best cyclists in the world.

Emanuel experienced a typical childhood focused on sports and school. He didn’t pick up cycling until he was in his early 20s following a bet with friends the night before a competition. He won that bet in the race and his love of competing began.

Fast-forward two years and in the middle of a race, he felt very weak, and his teammate had to help him ride to the finish. Afterward, he went to get checked by the doctors and learned he had elevated blood glucose levels and was diagnosed with diabetes. He thought his life was over, but thanks to a supportive doctor, he regained his health and got back on the bike. He went on to take 10th overall at the Argentinian Rally Championship Marathon the following year.

Emanuel officially joined Team Novo Nordisk after racing for Team Type 1 Argentina MTB. When the Team Novo Nordisk started looking for talented type 1 athletes, Emanuel’s Argentinian doctors recommended him for the squad. After attending one of Team Novo Nordisk’s talent ID camps, he was invited to join the team’s development squad. He spent three seasons racing with the Devo team before receiving his first professional contract.

Before joining Team Novo Nordisk, Emanuel graduated university and would one day like to return to the real estate business in the city where he was born.