Beadle back in the break at Tour du Doubs

14 April 2024

After enduring one of the more frustrating aspects of professional cycling recently – when the busy doesn’t respond to what the brain is telling it to do – Kiwi Hamish Beadle tried to shake it off by getting up the road in the breakaway for Team Novo Nordisk at todays Tour du Doubs in France.

Three days of back to back hilly racing in the Jura mountains came to a close with 200km from Morteau to Pontarlier – Le Larmont and 26 year old Beadle part of an early nine rider move before the race exploded onto the final climbs.

“It’s good to finally be able to push the pedals without struggling to breathe again,” said Beadle. “I’ve had a tough time of it in the last few races due to not being able to reach my normal level in events where I’d usually be ok and finding myself with a couple of DNF’s which is frustrating and damn demoralizing.” 

“Getting into the break was an objective for us today and I’m happy to have been able to do that, be visibile at the front and also make it over those climbs at the end and finish in the group with Antonio. The crash that neutralized was the race was pretty horrific, I went down, but luckily made it back on the bike and was able to continue and I hope that the other guys involved are all ok.  I’ll head back to Spain now and reset with some training, time at home and gear up for the next races.” 

Photo credits: Bruno Badet

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