Conquering the Queen Stage of the Tour de Beauce

15 June 2024

Today’s stage was the queen stage of the Tour de Beauce, featuring a challenging mountain top finish over 169km. The strategy for Team Novo Nordisk Development Team was clear: Josh (Brown), Louis-Marie (Posnic), and Evert (Schots ) would aim for the early break, while Celestin (Wattelle) and Hjalte (Knudsen) would conserve energy by staying in the main group, focusing on tomorrow’s criterium.

Development Team General Manager Daniel Holt:

“The guys did pretty well today. Josh managed to get into one of the early breaks, though not the one that lasted until the climb. They all did well to focus on nutrition today and called for me many times. Everyone raced smart today.”

“Overall, it was a solid performance by the team. They managed their energy well, and positioned themselves effectively. We are optimistic about their prospects in the upcoming criterium.”

Photo credits: @lastlap

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