Diabetes and Family: Morgan and Thomas Brown

13 December 2018

We hear all the time how parents and siblings support their family members with diabetes. But, how often do you hear of a spouse choosing a career path based on their support of a type 1? That’s exactly what Thomas Brown did.

Morgan and Thomas met in 2010 when a mutual friend asked them to plan a pro-cycling team training camp together in Tallahassee, FL. And to say the least, they really hit it off! They were married in January 2014!

Morgan now runs TNN’s talent ID program and, after having been a TNN Development Team director, Thomas is now …wait for it…a Certified Diabetes Educator! See below for their perspective on life with each other and diabetes.


Thomas has been supportive of me and my type 1 since we first met. From asking questions to better understand what it is like to live with type 1 to not getting annoyed when I turn on the lamp to check my blood glucose in the middle of the night, he has always been my biggest supporter! Thomas has always been curious about what it’s like to live with type 1. For a “normal” person, he has done a great job of learning a ton about it! I have always appreciated his desire to know as much as possible about what I go thru every day.

It also adds a sense of normalcy to my life to have a husband who doesn’t bat an eye at my CGM going off at inconvenient times or needing to treat my BG in the middle of a social event. Diabetes doesn’t follow a timeline, and that really annoys me! So, it’s great to have a person in my life that encourages me to problem solve and not get frustrated.

Diabetes and Family: Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown

Thomas became a Certified Diabetes Educator to better take care of me and my extended family – the riders of Team Novo Nordisk. That was one of the most inspiring and motivating things he could have done for me. He has fully embraced my lifestyle with diabetes. I can’t believe how lucky I am! I have my own personal CDE at my beck and call! 


It never bothered me that Morgan has diabetes. Her diabetes makes her more interesting and unique.  I could tell early on that she was constantly monitoring and tweaking her management. Her strength and determination are inspiring to watch.

In the time we’ve been together, I’ve seen her management evolve constantly.  She thinks critically about how her activity, diet, exercise and other factors will play into her blood glucose control.  I always admire how she doesn’t get frustrated when something goes wrong, but rather she learns from it and integrates that into future practice.

Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown

I became a CDE because I wanted to use my experience with Morgan and TNN to help anyone with diabetes to live their life happily. My years with TNN showed me how diabetes is not a limiter and that proper management is paramount. Watching Morgan compete as a pro cyclist and seeing the evolution of the TNN teams is what inspired me to better myself by becoming a CDE. It was a natural choice. Just as the riders train their bodies to race, I wanted to train my brain to serve those riders better.

The one thing Morgan told me after I became a CDE is that I will never truly know what it is like to live with diabetes. She taught me to listen to what the person is saying and not to make judgments or decisions without first listening in depth.

Morgan is MY hero! Not the other way around! She is always thinking about her management and never getting discouraged. Her positive energy is really inspiring to watch. I am proud to be her “type 3!”

Diabetes and Family: Morgan and Thomas Brown

Morgan and Thomas Brown

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