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13 December 2018

Catlike started in 1995 in the back of a bike shop, but its roots are much deeper. The company is the result of a lifelong passion of Pepe del Ramo, who inherited his love for the bike from his father and became a professional cyclist himself during the 1980s. Del Ramo comes from Ontur, a Spanish town known for having the largest number of amateur cyclists per capita in the country. From a young age, Del Ramo’s tenacity and enthusiasm were reflected in his style as an athlete.

His multiple successes and victories on the bike gave him the respect of the peloton, and when he retired at a relatively young age, he embarked on an even more ambitious project: to create a Spanish helmet that surpassed the existing ones in creativity, comfort, and safety. Based on his time on the bike, Del Ramo recognized that a helmet needed to provide protection but also needed to be comfortable and so versatile that it could be worn in a variety of racing and training situations.

Radsport - Sparkassen Münsterland Giro 2018 - 03.10.2018, - Foto: RENE VIGNERON ©

After conquering startup challenges, Del Ramo demonstrated he could make a helmet that exceeded the quality level of his top competitors and the Spanish-based Catlike was born. To this day, they are still the only company in Spain that produces helmets and are known for being one of the lightest, most ventilated and safest helmets on the market.

The Catlike name – “El Gato”– pays homage to Del Ramo’s father and the feline traits of agility, elegance, adaptability, and possessing seven lives.

- Aktion - Action - Rennszene - Querformat - quer - horizontal - Veranstaltung/Event: 58. Brabantse Pijl - Fleche Brabanconne - Leuven nach/to Overijse 209.1 km - Ort/Place: Overijse - Belgien/Belgium - Europa/Europe / Datum/Date: 11.04.2018

After more than two decades of success, Catlike continues to push itself in terms of innovation and meeting the ever-changing needs of cyclists. The Spanish-brand is sold in more than 45 countries, and they are eager to grow into expanding markets and tackle new challenges.

Team Novo Nordisk proudly wears Catlike’s Mixino and Rapid helmets during training and racing and appreciates the company’s dedication to safety, style and creativity.

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