Diabetes and The Holidays: How TNN Athletes Manage

14 December 2017

The Holiday Season can be a stressful time for anyone with diabetes. It seems near impossible to keep blood sugar numbers in range without forgoing your favorite holiday treats. And with being so busy, who has time to exercise?!

We all know diabetes is a 24/7 condition and you don’t get to take a break. A few TNN athletes chimed in on how they manage their diabetes throughout the holiday season. Read below to learn a few tips.

Phil Southerland, CEO, Team Novo Nordisk

When I was young, I was overloaded with gifts of candy and other holiday treats. Instead of allowing me to indulge, my mom would buy back the sweets from me and then take me shopping for a new toy. I was never upset about giving up my sweets!

Benny Madrigal, Runner, Team Novo Nordisk

I volunteer or offer to run holiday errands for my family to help me stay busy and in motion. I help spread some holiday cheer and avoid hitting the snack table at the same time. The holidays are a time to enjoy family and friends, so I try to stay flexible and not spend too much time overthinking my diabetes. I promise it will still be there when the holidays are over. That doesn’t mean I forget about it—I think, but I don’t OVERthink.

Chrysa Malosh, Women’s Elite Cyclist, Team Novo Nordisk

Even the best carb counters have trouble calculating insulin needs for holiday side dishes and desserts. I plan for more carbs than I think I will consume. I always carry more supplies than I think I’ll need. Just knowing I have them is a huge stress-reliever! Even during the holidays, I find time for exercise. It’s non-negotiable! I make up my own Twelve Days of Christmas using burpees, push-ups, and jumping jacks. Finally, carry your own flavored water to holiday parties. It’s an easy way to avoid alcoholic and sugary drinks.

Becky Furuta, Women’s Elite Cyclist, Team Novo Nordisk

The holidays are filled with such high expectations. What if you don’t like turkey? What if you don’t want to put up your tree the weekend after Thanksgiving? My family finds ways to avoid getting caught up in the “perfect holiday” by just eating and doing what we actually enjoy. Like prime rib with a fresh salad and a bike ride with friends on Thanksgiving. We spend the day laughing and having a good time on our terms. I think that’s the best stress reliever of all. 

Team Novo Nordisk wishes you and yours the happiest and healthiest holiday season!

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