Get To Know TNN: Justin McQuerry

14 December 2017

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was only two years old, the now 22-year-old Justin McQuerry was first introduced to Team Novo Nordisk when his dad showed him articles about Team Novo Nordisk’s predecessor, Team Type 1. McQuerry exchanged emails with the team’s CEO and co-founder Phil Southerland and eventually joined Team Novo Nordisk’s junior team before moving up to the development squad. His biggest accolade to date was winning the Texas State Cyclocross U23 Championship on his 21st birthday.

How did you get into the sport? 

I started mountain biking with my dad when I was a kid but never really saw it as a sport until I suffered a shoulder injury from a crash when I was 13. After tearing my rotator cuff, I started riding a road bike as soon as possible and have never looked back.

What races stand out the most to you this season? 

My biggest races this year were definitely the three UCI trips that I got to be a part of: Vuelta Dominicana, Tour of Thailand and Tour of Ukraine. The Vuelta Dominicana ended with me taking 12th on the final stage. The Tour of Thailand was my first UCI 2.1 classified race and my first time in East Asia. At the Tour of Ukraine, I got myself into the break on the opening stage. Big year of big races and big rides!

What events outside of competition stand out to you the most? 

While training and racing take up most of my time, I have had the opportunity to give back to the cycling community throughout the year, and those experiences stood out to me. This included school visits for bike safety during Speedweek and JDRF talks just outside of Atlanta. I have enjoyed these opportunities and look forward to more chances to give back in the future.

Who are you off the bike? 

I am an aspiring dirty BMX kid, an aspiring MTB shredder, a semi-competent bike shop employee, a coffee drinker, a taco eater, a film lover, and amateur YouTube creator. Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe to follow my life!

Follow Justin McQuerry on YouTube here.

What is it like living in the Devo house?  

Living in the Devo house is semi-organized chaos, but we all get along well and have fun pushing each other to be better bike racers. I have to admit that choosing who does the yard work gets a bit tricky, but other than that, we do a good job of keeping the house in order.

Who are your roommates? 

During the 2017 season, I roomed with Emanuel Mini who is moving up to the men’s pro team next season. For the last few months of racing on the road, I roomed with Lakota Phippen, who was new to the Devo team this season.

Team Novo Nordisk Justin McQuerry

What is your favorite memory from living at the Devo house this season? 

We had a big team BBQ after a criterium that Caleb Aaoke won. Everyone helped make a dish and the food was great. It was one of those nights that stands out because your friends are there and the conversation are fantastic. It was a good bonding experience before we all started heading back to our respective homes at the end of the season.

Where is home for you? Who do you live with there? 

Home for me is currently Austin, Texas; I live in a 4-bedroom apartment with three roommates who all ride bikes, but I’m the only competitive cyclist in the house.

Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names? 

I don’t have any pets of my own but the bike shop where I work has two 25+ pound cats named Bam Bam and Pebbles and a Chihuahua mix named Gigi. They run the place.

What does your off-season look like? 

My offseason will be a lot of work and a lot of pedaling. I’ve only put my kit on twice this past month, but I’ve been pedaling my BMX or mountain bike every day. Typically, my days include much more than just pedaling. I’m planning on working all winter so I can fund my racing adventures next season.

What are your goals for the 2018 season? 

Since I started racing full time, my goal has always been to get a UCI professional contract. That is the goal at the top of my pyramid and I’m doing everything in my power to make that happen; I am planning on racing a crit heavy schedule next year that focuses on the USA Crits series as well as Speedweek, T.O.A.D., and Intelligentsia Cup, so that I have the best chance of getting my name out there and synonymous with bike racing.

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