Get to Know Our Sponsor: Maxxis International – USA

10 September 2018

Team Novo Nordisk is proud to have Maxxis International – USA as part of its extended family as the team’s official tire sponsor.

Maxxis was founded in 1967 as a manufacturer of bicycle tires and has long recognized that hard work and ambitious goals can yield amazing results. They began as a small bicycle tire company but quickly set their sights on ranking among the best in the industry.

“There are many tires on the market, but Maxxis stands out above the competition. We are very proud to have them as an official team partner and are grateful for their excellent support,” Team Novo Nordisk General Manager Vassili Davidenko said. “They use advanced technology and well-mixed rubber that can handle any terrain or condition we throw at it.”

In the years since, Maxxis expanded its offerings to include tires for auto, light truck, motorcycle, ATV, lawn and garden, and trailer. Today, Maxxis is the ninth largest tire manufacturer in the world, offering road tires that deliver speed, puncture resistance, and performance for training, racing, or weekend riding, plus tires and tubes for every other cycling discipline. Maxxis also offers an expansive array of tire products in categories including auto, light truck, motorcycle, ATV, trailer, lawn and garden, and more to consumers around the world.

Team Novo Nordisk | Maxxis International

“Maxxis’s catalog is extensive with a wide variety of tires to choose from,” Davidenko said. “We study the race profile ahead of time, pick the right tire from all their extensive options, install tubulars/tires and apply the correct air pressure. It is simple and Maxxis tires always deliver.”

Maxxis is honored to support the Team Novo Nordisk’s mission to inspire, educate and empower everyone affected by diabetes. What resonated with Maxxis about Team Novo Nordisk is that through both their athletic achievements and outreach to cycling fans, Team Novo Nordisk ‘s athletes demonstrate that diabetes doesn’t have to limit what one can accomplish and Maxxis hopes everyone uses this inspiration to tackle whatever challenge life throws their way.

“As Team Novo Nordisk riders continue to rack up accomplishments both on and off the bike, everyone at Maxxis is proud to be associated with the project and happy they’ve chosen our tires to ride to victory,” Maxxis International Assistant Marketing Manager Aaron Chamberlain said.

Team Novo Nordisk’s men’s professional team races on Maxxis’s tubulars and clinchers.

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